Said the Whale – PHOTOS – Larimer Lounge


Finally got to see Said the Whale last night, and they surpassed my pretty high expectations. The success of their single “I Love You” brought quite a few teenagers and every pretty young lawyer that lived in the area. While their latest album has a very polished sound, their live show is much more raw, intricate and careful sounds coming from everyone, often leading up to moments of distortion and reverb that I didn’t expect from them. I don’t get a chance to shoot females often, but when I do, I shoot their shoes. They are currently on tour with Kopecky Family Band, go see them if you like sweet pop rock that gets a little chaotic.







Akron/Family Concert Review at Larimer Lounge

20130411-084312.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Last night at Larimer Lounge in Denver, Akron/Family played to a packed and excited crowd. It was the second date of the tour for the new album, and the new material sounds amazing live! Extremely loud, beautiful, they create great solid songs wrapped in noise, and at times the audience was told to sing certain notes, being used as yet another instrument. The front was packed with girls NOT giving up their spot right next to the lead singer, Miles Seaton, didn’t know he was such a heartthrob, but for good reason. He’s cute and very nice. One girl begged him for anything from his pockets, he gave her rosemary dust. If you are a fan of the new album Sub-Verses, this show is a must see. Opener Princess Music were great too, as a friend said “he’s got a David Byrne thing going on”. That’s a good good thing.

20130411-084949.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

20130411-085015.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

20130411-085056.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

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Music to See in Denver 4/10-4/16

20130410-074010.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Wed, 4/10

Akron/Family – Larimer Lounge – second date of the tour promoting the new album, awesome art rocks that builds live footage

Acid Mothers Temple – Hi Dive – Japanese psychedelic band that’s been around forever in various lineups

Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers – L2 Arts and Cultural Center- known for this video but she sounds like this and kicks it live in concert

Thurs., 4/11

Beach Day – The Moon Room – beachy pop rock with sweet female vocals video for Beach Day

Keaton Simons – Soiled Dove Underground. He was a friend of a friend when I lived in LA. Now I hear his voice in the mall, restaurants, some hotel in San Diego, tv shows, soap operas, and trivia- he’s Eric Roberts stepson…. live version of Currently

Fri., 4/12

Grey Boy Allstars – Cervantes – nuff said. Playing Saturday as well, same place. This is the party.

Sunday 4/14

Angel Olsen – Hi Dive – she’s all the rage right now in attractive chicks with bangs that sing old timey. I’ll be shooting this show, say hello… for Angel

Ponderosa – Lion’s Lair – southern rock from Atlanta, lead singer’s voice is captivating live….video for Ponderosa

Mon., 4/15

Death -Gothic – twee indie pop with a ukulele. Nah, I’m kidding, it’s masters of Death Metal.

Tues., 4/16

Bon Jovi – Pepsi Center – if I get the go to shoot this show, I’m so there…

The Dear Hunter – Marquis – …but most likely will be here. Progrock from Providence, RI, they’ve got albums that tell a story in three parts, with a son poisoning someone and basically Gamehendge but it sounds like this

Les Racquet – Hi Dive – indie rock power trio out of Brooklyn who sound like an indie rock power trio from Brooklyn. I’m going to try to make this and Dear Hunter, tough choice. video of Les Racquet

Bands to See in Denver Mar. 20-27th



BOLD band names are my personal pics. Blue is video links.

Wednesday, Mar. 20
Rose Windows – Moe’s Original BBQ, Denver (great lyrics, slow psych) Rose Windows- Heavenly Days

The Soft Moon – Larimer Lounge (thumping psych) come here for your psych fix

The Pharmacy – Moe’s Original BBQ (creative powerful garage rock, they tend to cause mosh pits among hipsters. If you like the Flaming Lips without confetti, check them out) I will be here

Thursday, Mar. 21
Champagne Charlie – Lost Lake Lounge (rough Man Man type vocals, goes well with whiskey) Champagne Charlie

Widowspeak – Moe’s Original BBQ, Denver (soft female vocals with building sound behind her) sexy psych

Old Man Markley – Marquis (rockabilly bluegrass with NOFX influences, from Fat Wreck Chords) Old Man Markley

Friday, Mar. 22
Fol Chen w/ Royal Canoe – Hi-Dive (indie pop, they had a song on Weeds during a popular Botwin showing her body again scene) for Erin

Paper Bird (video release), He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Oriental Theater (beautiful harmonies and ragtag instruments Americana with heart, really cute dresses) new Paper Bird video- GO MACON!!

Saturday, Mar. 23
Delicate Steve – Hi-Dive (screechy goodness) Delicate Steve- Wally Wilder

Billy Bragg – Gothic (story time)

Jars of Clay – Grizzly Rock (that Christian band that had that 40 Days song that I loved until I figured out it was about Noah)

Tuesday, Mar. 26
In This Moment – Fillmore (metal with costumes and ridiculousness and a hot chick)

John Statz- Walnut Room (guitar, banjo, barstool, heart pouring out)

Tartufi – The Armoury (huge sound from three people, blissful crescendos) Tartufi

Wednesday, Mar. 27
Waxahatchee- The Armoury (solo project of Katie Crutchfield from P.S. Eliot, amongst a sea of chicks with guitars, this one really stands out) Video for Grass Stain

Lord Huron – Bluebird (indie folk from CA. Not much stage presence but a pleasant sound) video of Lord Huron

FIDLAR, Wavves, Cheatahs – Larimer Lounge (loud good rock, all of them. Saw FIDLAR twice at sxsw I liked them so much, Wavves is about to go to the next level so see this show if you get self-worth out of bragging about seeing bands before they were big) FIDLAR Live Video

Foxygen -SXSoWhat

image photo by leslieloudspeaker

After a rough time at SXSW, some well needed rest brought the band up to speed for a searing, energetic Denver show opening for Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Similar setlist to the last few times I saw them, but it was a relief seeing the singer Sam look happy again. If they aren’t playing a night before a show, go see them. Word around sxsw was that the new album would be a soul one. However they mature and evolve, I can’t wait to see what’s in the future. Watch his floppy white hats make a comeback.

Full Audio of their album

image photo by leslieloudspeaker