Band to Watch- Gloom Balloon

photo by tony galloro

photo by tony galloro

Patrick Tape Fleming of Iowa based band The Poison Control Center has recorded himself a delightful carnival on his new solo release under the name Gloom Balloon. As listeners, we are so lucky to get to hear the album released on December 3rd, as Fleming had suicidal feelings of dejection after his band’s hiatus, saved by the shock of the death of Olivia Tremor Control’s Bill Doss, a personal hero of Fleming’s. Naming the project after the first painting that he created when craving an artistic outlet during the hiatus, Fleming blends flutes, saxophone and honest, spoken word lyrics into a gorgeous eclectic sound on his new single “She Was The One That Got Away”. It sounds like walking down the street on a nice fall day and catching the scent of an ex’s perfume. Listen to his new single at the link below and check him out in your town:

10/24 – Northfield, MN – The Chapel
10/25 – Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club (w/ Jacuzzi Boys)
10/26 – Beloit, WI – Coughy Haus
10/27 – TBA
10/28 – Chicago, IL – Township
10/29 – Galesburg, IL – TBA
10/30 – St. Louis, MO – Livery Company
10/31 – Nashville, TN – TBA
11/01 – Chattanooga, TN – JJ’s Bohemia
11/02 – Athens, GA – Flicker Theater
11/03 – Asheville, NC – Emerald Lounge
11/04 – Memphis, TN – CourtHouse Co-op (all ages)
11/05 – Memphis, TN – Poplar Loungs (21+)
11/06 – Lafayette. LA – Artmosphere
11/07 – Houston, TX – TBA
11/08 – Austin, TX – Hole in the Wall
11/09 – Denton, TX – JJ’s Pizza
11/10 – Fayetteville, AR – Nightbird Books
11/11 – Colombia, MO – TBA
11/12 – Kirksville, MO – The Aquadome

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan UZU album review


Everything about this band is yin and yang, even the name. Two art students in Montreal with Anglo-Asian heritage created a unique new style they dubbed “Noh-wave” that blended progrock with elements of asian theatre and opera, sometimes even performing in kabuki face paint. Their sophomore UZU comes out on October 28th, and it’s a unbelievably odd and pleasant and easy to listen to from start to finish. “Atalanta” opens the album with classical piano and operatic soprano vocals, bombastic drums crashing in for the next song “Whalesong”, straight progrock with fantasy style lyrics and a very epic feel. Throughout listening to this album, I kept picturing it as the soundtrack to some massive video game, Lord of the Rings meets the Last Samurai. Eastern melodies weave in and out in “Windflower” while massive walls of high frequency sounds build up into chaos in “Hall of Mirrors”. The production is super clean on this, making me really want to see what they sound like live. The highlight of the album is the new single “One”, starting out with a traditional Iroquois tribal song, building up into a massive pile of percussion, chanting and twangy guitar that would fit in on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. Listen to “One” here:

Ty Segall side project FUZZ at Hi Dive tonight

Photo by Denee Petracek

Photo by Denee Petracek

San Francisco garage rock wunderkind Ty Segall is at the hi dive tonight with his side project FUZZ. He sings and plays drums with Charlie Moothart taking over on guitar and Roland Cosio on bass. They released their self titled album on October 1st to great reviews, check out the two new singles they have released lately here:

FUZZ “What’s in my Head”:

FUZZ “Loose Sutres”:

Also playing tonight are CCR Headcleaner and The Zebroids, so get in early. Tonight shall be a joyful, noisy celebration. Buy your tickets here:

tickets for tonight

Leftover Salmon release new song, welcome new drummer

Photo by Susan Weiand

Photo by Susan Weiand

Jose’ Martinez, long time drummer for Leftover Salmon has decided to quit touring, and the Leftover family happily welcomes Alwyn Robinson to the joyful fracas. This Texas born player brings a varied background to the table, including steel drumming and classical percussion, so he should fit right in with the multi-faceted motley crew. Along with that news comes a new song, “Two Highways” which features Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, a supremely talented musician that showed up to play sax at their last sold out Bluebird show in Denver. It’s released through Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado, and has a sick poster by acclaimed poster artist Tyler Stout to go with it:

Poster by Tyler Stout

Poster by Tyler Stout

Listen to the new single “Two Highways” here:

New Juliana Hatfield collaboration with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf- Minor Alps


Juliana Hatfield sounds better than ever in Minor Alps a collaboration with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf. They both sing the same lines at the same time and they intertwine so well, like they were intended to sing together as one. The lyrics resonate with any quiet introvert, and the song ends in a crescendo of doubletracking Juliana vocals.

Listen here: Minor Alps “Buried Plans”

Buy the album here

New Quilt single sounds like melodic sunshine

Quilt by Allison Pharmakis3

Quilt by Allison Pharmakis3

Quilt‘s self titled debut album in 2011 was one of my most repeated albums of last year (got on the ship a little late), and the new single they just released has me hitting repeat more than once already today. This trio has such a beautifully recorded throwback 60’s sound, but it’s modern and dreamy in just the right way. With member of Woods and producer Jarvis Tavaniere working with them, the new single is quick and gorgeous, Anna Fox Rochinski’s vocals sounding like an angel; not all Mariah Carey squealing on high, just soothing and soaring. Listen to their new song “Artic Shark” here, and check out the new album releasing Jan. 28th, 2014:Quilt “Arctic Shark”

Band to Watch- Jeffrey Novak


Jeffrey Novak, the Nashvillian leader of the band Cheap Time has a solo album Lemon Kid coming out November 19th, and while it’s a departure from his straight up rockier work with Cheap Time, it’s a well crafted breath of fresh, reflective, orchestrated, pop air. Pop hooks galore that are reminiscent of Cake and the Velvet Underground, with perfectly placed moments of noise and chaos. Check out the single “Pictures on the Screen” today, it’s so topsy turvy and well orchestrated. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album: Jeffrey Novak “Pictures on a Screen”