Want to see a video of a song about crop circles that should be viral?

Thanks to a wonderful poster at the witty and always-friendly Phish messageboard Phantasy Tour, this video was brought to our attention when the original poster ran into this guy at a recent Railroad Earth show. The musician, Gregg Brown had a cardboard sign that said “youtube: Crop Circle Song”, and when you do exactly that you get this precious treat from the internet. At first it comes off as something you would see on public access; I didn’t know if it was a joke or someone being completely sincere, this repetitive droning sound under lyrics about the meaning of crop circles (aren’t they hoaxes?). I kept listening because the music is trancey and pleasing, and his voice is actually nice and melodious, pleasantly asking “Are they harbingers of world change? These secrets in the fieeeeeeelds”. Eventually I realized I was on my fifth listen in a row and took a break. You tell me. Is this greatness? Is this horrible? Kinda leaning on the former. Whatever it, this man deserves to be seen, and if anyone has more information of him, I would love to hear it. I don’t know what to call this other than “something else”. Get this man to sxsw, this is exactly what people want there:

He definitely read this book: http://www.amazon.com/Crop-Circles-Harbingers-World-Change/dp/0946551898

And buy the single for a dollar here. I have already listened to this five time today, it’s worth the dollar:


New David Byrne Song and Video are Gorgeous


I had the fortune of seeing David Byrne and St. Vincent last week, and surprise, surprise, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen, just perfectly put together and such a celebration of life. So corny, but it’s true! Anyway, been on a bigger Byrne kick than usual lately, so I’m ecstatic that he and Jherek Bischoff released a video for a new song they worked on together for Bischoff’s debut solo album, and it’s just sublime. String sections making me feel like I’m on a Parisian honeymoon, close ups of Byrne’s eyes making me feel like I’m in a Stanley Kubrick film. Brilliant.

Watch the video here: Video for “Eyes”

And check out more of Bischoff’s work: website

Flaming Lips New Video “Turning Violent” is downright normal!


Flaming Lips released the video for “Turning Violent” today and there’s no naked Erykah Badu being covered in goo, just standard shots of a white room, the band, and Wayne in all his curly haired gloriousness with some of Gwen Stefani’s face jewels from 1997 on. You get glimpses of their new stage setup with frenetic spasms of rainbow lasers and lights shocking you into a world of technicolor as tinfoil receptors hang overhead. Oh, and glitter of course. It’s as minimal as a video with lasers and tinfoil can be.

Watch the video here: Flaming Lips “Turning Violet”

On top of that, Wayne has a comic book called “The Sun is Sick” coming out this Wednesday at Comiccon in San Diego, and onsale on his website the week after. Want.


New EELS Video!


EELS are one of my all time favorite bands, there is no band that sounds like them, courtesy of lead man Mark Oliver Everett’s brilliant, poignant lyrics and scratchy, soulful voice. Their latest album Wonderful, Glorious is out now, and they just released the video for “Kinda Fuzzy”, which depicts E as an alcoholic clown hosting a children’s show (little Krusty the Clown, anyone?). They just finished a successful US tour, and are about to embark on their World tour. This is EELS at their wittiest and best. Watch the video here: “Kinda Fuzzy”

UPDATE: They just released it on youtube five minutes ago: Youtube link to “Kinda Fuzzy”

Buy the album here: EELS catalog

And if you are outside of America, see if they are playing near you!: EELS Tour Dates

Robin Thicke and Pharrell sure have a catchy new hit


I used to be obsessed with Robin Thicke‘s first album,but as he got more R&B and soulful crooner, I backed away, not my thing. Everything Pharrell touches turns to gold, though, and the new single “Blurred Lines” is no exception. Great simple beat, no melisma, just straight up cool. WOW to the Youtube video having 49 million views, though! Never underestimate the power of “The Voice”. This track is what the new Justin Timberlake single should have sounded like, glad Thicke recorded it: Link to “Blurred Lines” video

Jamaican Queens – Band to Watch

20130612-135341.jpg children, do NOT do this

When I received Jamaican Queens album “Wormfood”, I honestly thought it was going to be a trio of Lauryn Hill soundalikes, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I was totally wrong and pleasantly surprised. This group from Detroit has a sound that mixes Flaming Lips, Passion Pit and Cat Power. The layered vocals, rap beats and synths give every song an epic, lush feel. Ultra-catchy, the opening song “Water” even has a 50’s tinged vocal part. It’s almost like a mashup, but using their own music and flowing smoothly. “Sharkteeth” is a beautiful acoustic that sounds like it would fit in an Edward Sharpe set. Their brand of odd pop is hard to describe, with influences such as Three 6 Mafia and Brian Eno. Just give them a listen:

Video for “Kids Get Away”

Video for “Water”

They are playing in Denver at Rhinoceropolis on June 26th. It’s $5 and I guarantee their ticket will never be that cheap again. I can see them opening at Red Rocks next summer.

Ten Songs I Like Right Now

20130610-095108.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

First off, did you know one of the drummers for March Fourth Marching Band hand makes leather hats that are amazing? Bring an extra $90 to their next show if you are a hat lover, I wish I had!

Now that summer is here my musical tastes get a little more light and dancey, it’s just too hot for sludge. Here is a list of the songs I like this week (all song titles in blue are links to the music):

1. Stare at the Sun – Eleanor Friedberger. Last week I posted the stream of her new album. I adore her voice and this song makes me want to hit the park.

2. Dumb Disco Ideas – Holy Ghost!. Light pretty dance electronic.

3. Demon Dance – Surfer Blood. Great sounding chill band with the occasional Weezer-like melody.

4. Warm Spell – Sinkane. Session Musician who has worked with Yeasayer and others, Sudanese influences, breezy good stuff. Loving the drums.

5. Faces – Jonathan Rado. Guitarist of Foxygen already has a solo album, and with help from White Denim’s guitarist, it sounds fantastic. A little Albert Hammond, Jr. action.

6. Orchards – Wampire. Love this Portland psych band, and I adore the monster in the video. These guys are touring right now, don’t miss them.

7. Oblivion – Waxahatchee. Fantastic cover of the Grimes song, with more garage sound. Love this so much.

8. She’s On Fire – King Tuff. Ever since Garage Swim came out, I’ve been listening to this song on repeat. Wish it had an extended version, I love the video game sounds at the end.

9. Dog That Bit You – The Baptist Generals. Sub Pop band releases new album after ten years, I really dig their sound, reminds me of a modern Tom Petty with a weird voice.

10. Captain Brain – Bill Baird. Not quite a new song, but one of my all time faves. When I listen to it in the car I tend to drive too fast.

Nelly Furtado Video “Parking Lot”


Since almost every band that’s good these days is from Canada, I wondered what my favorite Canadian songbird, Nelly Furtado was up to. Selling not enough copies of her latest album, that’s what. Not sure why, this new single is catchy, poppy and I love the video. I also like mimicking her singing (what IS that??). Music industry, you are so fickle. Nelly’s got looks, talent, beats, and satin baseball jackets, is this not enough for you?? My best guess is M.I.A. came out stronger, and now Nelly sounds like a copycat even though she’s been doing this sound for forever. Regardless, she sold one more album today!

Nelly Furtado “Parking Lot” video

Princess Music – Band to Watch

20130502-104240.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

When I shot the Akron/Family a few weeks ago, I was totally impressed with their opener, Princess Music. All classically trained musicians working in a more pop style just DOES it for me, and at the show people were buzzing about this “kinda Talking Heads sounding” band. You know things are gonna be good when a cello comes out. Tyler Ludwick, the guitarist and singer has been compared to Sufjan Stevens many times in the media, I can hear it but feel Ludwick has a more upbeat quirkiness. This band is special, sweet and whimsical but sincere and down to Earth. Denver, this is a local band to watch, for sure. Check out their song “White Wave”, which starts with the best instrument of all, the music box, then builds with the bass and strings and oh, just so lovely. Then that sweet voice. I’m in love with Princess Music.

White Wave by Princess Music

Band Website with Videos

20130502-105455.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

20130502-105529.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

20130502-105553.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker