Bands to See in Denver Mar. 20-27th


BOLD band names are my personal pics. Blue is video links.

Wednesday, Mar. 20
Rose Windows – Moe’s Original BBQ, Denver (great lyrics, slow psych) Rose Windows- Heavenly Days

The Soft Moon – Larimer Lounge (thumping psych) come here for your psych fix

The Pharmacy – Moe’s Original BBQ (creative powerful garage rock, they tend to cause mosh pits among hipsters. If you like the Flaming Lips without confetti, check them out) I will be here

Thursday, Mar. 21
Champagne Charlie – Lost Lake Lounge (rough Man Man type vocals, goes well with whiskey) Champagne Charlie

Widowspeak – Moe’s Original BBQ, Denver (soft female vocals with building sound behind her) sexy psych

Old Man Markley – Marquis (rockabilly bluegrass with NOFX influences, from Fat Wreck Chords) Old Man Markley

Friday, Mar. 22
Fol Chen w/ Royal Canoe – Hi-Dive (indie pop, they had a song on Weeds during a popular Botwin showing her body again scene) for Erin

Paper Bird (video release), He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Oriental Theater (beautiful harmonies and ragtag instruments Americana with heart, really cute dresses) new Paper Bird video- GO MACON!!

Saturday, Mar. 23
Delicate Steve – Hi-Dive (screechy goodness) Delicate Steve- Wally Wilder

Billy Bragg – Gothic (story time)

Jars of Clay – Grizzly Rock (that Christian band that had that 40 Days song that I loved until I figured out it was about Noah)

Tuesday, Mar. 26
In This Moment – Fillmore (metal with costumes and ridiculousness and a hot chick)

John Statz- Walnut Room (guitar, banjo, barstool, heart pouring out)

Tartufi – The Armoury (huge sound from three people, blissful crescendos) Tartufi

Wednesday, Mar. 27
Waxahatchee- The Armoury (solo project of Katie Crutchfield from P.S. Eliot, amongst a sea of chicks with guitars, this one really stands out) Video for Grass Stain

Lord Huron – Bluebird (indie folk from CA. Not much stage presence but a pleasant sound) video of Lord Huron

FIDLAR, Wavves, Cheatahs – Larimer Lounge (loud good rock, all of them. Saw FIDLAR twice at sxsw I liked them so much, Wavves is about to go to the next level so see this show if you get self-worth out of bragging about seeing bands before they were big) FIDLAR Live Video

3 thoughts on “Bands to See in Denver Mar. 20-27th

  1. Paper Bird’s Album release party is Friday. They’re fabulous, playing with He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister at Oriental Theater. Also, Toubab Krewe at Cervantes on Friday.

    • You should see them because they need support to properly play well. The Soft Moon is lovely slower psych rock, Champagne Charlie has a voice like dude from Man Man, Old Man Markley is rockabilly bluegrass with a heavy NOFX’S influence, Delicate Steve is super not delicate.

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