Cayucas- the music of this summer


20130320-202127.jpgphoto by leslieloudspeaker

This band is so California it makes me want to book a flight. They’ve got this Beach Boys/Paul Simon sound that makes you want to quit your crappy day job and go to the beach. I’m a sucker for bands that say their name in a song (looking at you, Morningwood) and this song is a good way to start the morning. The musicians are totally just normal guys as well, nice to see in a world of outlandish rockhobo wear.

get ready to hear this all summer

Bands to See in Denver Mar. 20-27th



BOLD band names are my personal pics. Blue is video links.

Wednesday, Mar. 20
Rose Windows – Moe’s Original BBQ, Denver (great lyrics, slow psych) Rose Windows- Heavenly Days

The Soft Moon – Larimer Lounge (thumping psych) come here for your psych fix

The Pharmacy – Moe’s Original BBQ (creative powerful garage rock, they tend to cause mosh pits among hipsters. If you like the Flaming Lips without confetti, check them out) I will be here

Thursday, Mar. 21
Champagne Charlie – Lost Lake Lounge (rough Man Man type vocals, goes well with whiskey) Champagne Charlie

Widowspeak – Moe’s Original BBQ, Denver (soft female vocals with building sound behind her) sexy psych

Old Man Markley – Marquis (rockabilly bluegrass with NOFX influences, from Fat Wreck Chords) Old Man Markley

Friday, Mar. 22
Fol Chen w/ Royal Canoe – Hi-Dive (indie pop, they had a song on Weeds during a popular Botwin showing her body again scene) for Erin

Paper Bird (video release), He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Oriental Theater (beautiful harmonies and ragtag instruments Americana with heart, really cute dresses) new Paper Bird video- GO MACON!!

Saturday, Mar. 23
Delicate Steve – Hi-Dive (screechy goodness) Delicate Steve- Wally Wilder

Billy Bragg – Gothic (story time)

Jars of Clay – Grizzly Rock (that Christian band that had that 40 Days song that I loved until I figured out it was about Noah)

Tuesday, Mar. 26
In This Moment – Fillmore (metal with costumes and ridiculousness and a hot chick)

John Statz- Walnut Room (guitar, banjo, barstool, heart pouring out)

Tartufi – The Armoury (huge sound from three people, blissful crescendos) Tartufi

Wednesday, Mar. 27
Waxahatchee- The Armoury (solo project of Katie Crutchfield from P.S. Eliot, amongst a sea of chicks with guitars, this one really stands out) Video for Grass Stain

Lord Huron – Bluebird (indie folk from CA. Not much stage presence but a pleasant sound) video of Lord Huron

FIDLAR, Wavves, Cheatahs – Larimer Lounge (loud good rock, all of them. Saw FIDLAR twice at sxsw I liked them so much, Wavves is about to go to the next level so see this show if you get self-worth out of bragging about seeing bands before they were big) FIDLAR Live Video

Bill Baird at SXSW 2013: Best Show of the Convention



Bill Baird is a gift to music. Part performance artist, part artist artist, part comedian, part computer programmer, part perfect melody creator. Like a young Tom Waits from the future with a beautiful baritone, he won over the crowd with his showcase at Velveeta Room for SXSW this year. Accompanied by a group of orchestral players, Bill showed us yet another side of himself. Attached is a clip from “Bow Down to the Brain” off his new album Spring Break of the Soul, off PauWau Records. Also linked below is the full audio and link to buy this insanely good album. See him when he’s in your town,never miss a Bill show. You never know what you will get, but it’s going to be great.

Live Video of Bill Baird SXSW 2013 “Bow Down to the Brain”

Full audio and link to PAUWAU

My Personal Tips for an Awesome SXSW


20130318-223859.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

After going to this festival since college, and seeing it explode into what it is now, you get a bad feeling that it’s nothing more than a drunken street festival with music you can barely get into everywhere. 6th Street looks like old Astroworld on a summer day now, so I’ve compiled some tips I’ve found over the years that made the intolerable tolerable again.

1. Move from Austin. I hated it when I lived there for the most part. Working at Frost Tower was a nightmare, could barely get there, then had to hear music and fun all day. Now that I live in Colorado, I adore SXSW.

2. Get a hotel downtown. Like the year before. Traffic gridlocks, shuttle buses can barely get you to downtown, and pretty much forget getting a cab. Book way ahead of the time, it’s worth the money to be able to walk right back to your hotel for air conditioning, change of shoes, a bathroom, etc.

3. Bring various types of shoes and change shoes at least once a day. Even the most comfy shoes start to rub after walking five miles on the hot asphalt.

4. Go Tuesday through Thursday, take off work if you can. You will see almost every band playing before the weekend warriors come in.

5. Lots of phones don’t work well down there. Put it on airplane mode as you walk around, go in the convention center and use their free wifi, air conditions, clean restrooms, and short lines for coffee.

6. If you buy a badge, upload a cute pic beforehand and send it to them. The pictures they take in line are awful.

7. Try to eat before getting down to 6th. Food trucks have crazy lines, eat on Congress and grab some trail mix and stuff.

8. Bring a pen and paper and write your schedule down. That awesome sxsw app doesn’t work for everyone down there.

9. Follow your ears. If you are heading somewhere but hear something good, just check it out. That band you were heading to will play many more times.

10. Stop being afraid of getting closer than 6 feet to the stage. It doesn’t bite, and the band feels more comfortable.

Well, that’s a start! Soon my reviews and Who To Watch list will be up!

New music accessory: Tweedz Earbuds


20130318-214509.jpg photo by Russell Simon

An old high school friend Reed Wotiz created these awesome earbuds that look like braided guitar cables called Tweedz. They come with a few different rubber parts depending on what size you need (a big plus for me because regular iBuds always fall out of my weird small ears). I got a pair for the mass amount of walking I would be doing in Austin for SXSW this year, and they couldn’t have been better for blasting The Kinks and Foxygen. They don’t tangle up, so i just toss them in my pocket or purse and they look way cuter than those dingy white iPod ones. They sound great for such a affordable price, and can be purchased at the Tweedz website in a variety of colors:

Tweedz Website

Shirt: Hollister
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstars
Shoes: Jordan 3 Retro 88’s