Want to see a video of a song about crop circles that should be viral?

Thanks to a wonderful poster at the witty and always-friendly Phish messageboard Phantasy Tour, this video was brought to our attention when the original poster ran into this guy at a recent Railroad Earth show. The musician, Gregg Brown had a cardboard sign that said “youtube: Crop Circle Song”, and when you do exactly that you get this precious treat from the internet. At first it comes off as something you would see on public access; I didn’t know if it was a joke or someone being completely sincere, this repetitive droning sound under lyrics about the meaning of crop circles (aren’t they hoaxes?). I kept listening because the music is trancey and pleasing, and his voice is actually nice and melodious, pleasantly asking “Are they harbingers of world change? These secrets in the fieeeeeeelds”. Eventually I realized I was on my fifth listen in a row and took a break. You tell me. Is this greatness? Is this horrible? Kinda leaning on the former. Whatever it, this man deserves to be seen, and if anyone has more information of him, I would love to hear it. I don’t know what to call this other than “something else”. Get this man to sxsw, this is exactly what people want there:

He definitely read this book: http://www.amazon.com/Crop-Circles-Harbingers-World-Change/dp/0946551898

And buy the single for a dollar here. I have already listened to this five time today, it’s worth the dollar:


The Ruse is opening for Muse in Mexico

The Ruse

Fantastic Los Angeles indie pop band The Ruse just announced that they will be opening for Muse on their Mexico dates. HUGE for these guys, they are going to kill it out there on this rhyme-y tour. Check out the announcement over at Muse’s website:

Muse announcement about The Ruse opening for them on tour

Nirvana “In Utero” Reissue’s Massive Track List Revealed


This album is one of the top albums that have helped to define my musical tastes. Like every other red-blooded American 8th grader, I flipped out that first time I saw “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on MTV, which lead to near obsession, writing to Sub Pop Records and hunting down B Sides at Sound Exchange (R.I.P.) and hating Pearl Jam because I thought you could pick only one. In Utero was by far the most repeated album of theirs in my life, and this morning my stomach got butterflies when I saw the track listing released for the 20th anniversary reissue being released on September 24th. The Pier 48 show is on here! I’ll let it speak for itself:

CD ONE – Original album remastered plus all B-sides & bonus tracks recorded at Pachyderm

1. “Serve The Servants” (Albini mix/original release) – 3:39
2. “Scentless Apprentice” (Albini mix/original release) – 3:47
3. “Heart-Shaped Box” (Litt mix/original release) – 4:41
4. “Rape Me” (Albini mix/original release) – 2:51
5. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” (Albini mix/original release) – 4:09
6. “Dumb” (Albini mix/original release) – 2:32
7. “Very Ape” (Albini mix/original release) – 1:55
8. “Milk It” (Albini mix/original release) – 3:54
9. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Albini mix/original release) – 3:37
10. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Albini mix/original release) – 4:51
11. “tourette’s” (Albini mix/original release) – 1:35
12. “All Apologies” (Litt mix/original release) – 3:55
13. “Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip” (ex-U.S. bonus track) – 7:35
14. “Marigold” (B-side; “Heart Shaped Box) – 2:34
15. “Moist Vagina” (B-side; “All Apologies”) – 3:33
16. “Sappy” – 3:28
17. “I Hate Myself And Want To Die” – 2:59
18. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Litt mix) – 3:36
19. “Heart-Shaped Box” (Albini mix/unreleased) – 4:42
20. “All Apologies” (Albini mix/unreleased) – 3:58

CD TWO – 2013 album mix plus pre-album demos

1. “Serve The Servants” (2013 mix) – 3:36
2. “Scentless Apprentice” (2013 mix) – 3:49
3. “Heart-Shaped Box” (2013 mix) – 4:41
4. “Rape Me” (2013 mix) – 2:49
5. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” (2013 mix) – 4:12
6. “Dumb” (2013 mix) – 2:32
7. “Very Ape” (2013 mix) – 1:57
8. “Milk It” (2013 mix) – 3:56
9. “Pennyroyal Tea” (2013 mix) – 3:32
10. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (2013 mix) – 4:51
11. “tourette’s” (2013 mix) – 1:35
12. “All Apologies (2013 mix) – 3:55
13. “Scentless Apprentice” (Rio demo) – 3:54
14. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle” (Laundry Room demo) – 4:33
15. “Dumb” (Word Of Mouth demo) – 2:39
16. “Very Ape” (Rio demo) — 2:21
17. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Word Of Mouth demo) – 3:31
18. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Word Of Mouth demo) – 2:40
19. “tourette’s” (Word Of Mouth demo) – 2:14
20. “Marigold” (Upland Studios demo) – 3:25
21. “All Apologies” (Music Source demo) – 4:25
22. “Forgotten Tune” (Rehearsal) – 2:04
23. “Jam” (Word Of Mouth demo) – 5:44

CD THREE – Live & Loud: Live at Pier 48, Seattle, WA – 12/13/93

1. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”
2. “Drain You”
3. “Breed”
4. “Serve The Servants”
5. “Rape Me”
6. “Sliver”
7. “Pennyroyal Tea”
8. “Scentless Apprentice”
9. “All Apologies”
10. “Heart-Shaped Box”
11. “Blew”
12. “The Man Who Sold The World”
13. “School”
14. “Come As You Are”
15. “Lithium”
16. “About a Girl”
17. “Endless, Nameless”

DVD – Live & Loud: Live at Pier 48, Seattle, WA – 12/13/93

1. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”
2. “Drain You”
3. “Breed”
4. “Serve The Servants”
5. “Rape Me”
6. “Sliver”
7. “Pennyroyal Tea”
8. “Scentless Apprentice”
9. “All Apologies”
10. “Heart-Shaped Box”
11. “Blew”
12. “The Man Who Sold The World”
13. “School”
14. “Come As You Are”
15. “Lithium”
16. “About a Girl”
17. “Endless, Nameless”
18. “Very Ape” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
19. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
20. “Rape Me” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
21. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Live & Loud Rehearsal)
22. “Heart-Shaped Box” (Original Music Video + Director’s Cut)
23. “Rape Me” (Live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” – Paris, France)
24. “Pennyroyal Tea” (Live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” – Paris, France)
25. “Drain You” (Live on “Nulle Part Ailleurs” – Paris, France)
26. “Serve The Servants” (Live on “Tunnel” – Rome, Italy)
27. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” (Live in Munich, Germany)
28. “My Best Friend’s Girl” (Live in Munich, Germany)
29. “Drain You” (Live in Munich, Germany)

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/inside-nirvanas-rarities-packed-in-utero-reissue-20130813#ixzz2bsJkX420

Gauntlet Hair have broken up.

“Gauntlet Hair has reached its end. Thank you all for your support these past 4 years”, the status read earlier on their Facebook. It’s since been confirmed by a band rep (via Pitchfork), all I can say as “wow”. I just reviewed their new album a couple of weeks ago, and was interested to see how the new sound played out in their fall dates. Ended before they even began, too bad. Move back to Denver!

Virginia Tech Student asks Nirvana to be in video, “We’d love to have her”, hilarity ensues

Sub Pop Records received a letter from a Virginia Tech college student asking for Nirvana to be in the homecoming video. Now, at first I thought she wanted Dave and Krist to reunite together, but nope, this is yet another case of lack of common pop culture knowledge and research. Her letter goes on to say “As Virginia Tech loves Nirvana, we’d love to have her in our video”. Her? Give this girl an A! Seriously though, how did she know their record label but not that it’s three men instead of a girl, she knows how to google. Anyway, Nirvana sent her a video back! Watch it here, I love Sub Pop (and Mark Arm from Mudhoney with the guitar there is a decent score!): Nirvana loves Virginia Tech!!

The letter:


Widespread Panic just Blanketed Instead of Tarped

20130628-090627.jpg photo by dixon walne

When Red Rocks announced that tarps weren’t allowed any longer, a minority flipped out and all were curious as to what would happen at this week’s four night Widespread Panic run. Watch this video from a past show, it is hilarious, albeit over the top: Running of the Tarps . Anyway, last night was the first show of the run with the new rules, and while people started lining up at 8 a.m., it was just business as usual, no rioting, security not overwhelmed, and people just brought smaller blankets. Everyone going this weekend have a wonderful time!

Beth Gibbons of Portishead Recording New Album


Beth Gibbons of the well loved band, Portishead is recording a new album with Domino Records, which she hasn’t done solo in 11 years. No word on when it is being released, but I guarantee it will be all sultry and sexy like.

Ben Lee writes a fantastic album on Ayahuasca


I remember the first time I ever heard of Ben Lee. It was a blurb in Sassy magazine about how the Beastie Boys signed his young teenage self to Grand Royal. I wore his tapes out in high school, then moved on to different music and forgot about him save for dating Claire Danes and impregnating Ione Skye (wonder if Ad-Rock is ok to his cheese being with different macaroni). Anyway, I got an email about his new album “Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work” and was immediately intrigued. Ever since the Psychedelic Convention was held in our Oakland hotel and eavesdropping on so many people discussing this spiritual experience, I’ve researched about it a lot. His album is gorgeous, not only inspired from the drug, but with themes revolved around awakening and self healing (I know, I sound disgustingly new age). This doesn’t even sound like Ben Lee’s previous work, it’s like a symphony with occasional Elliott Smith leanings. Watch the trailer for the album, he’s incredibly smart: Ayahuasca Trailer

The Great Gatsby Review


Baz Lurhmann’s latest movie, an adaptation of The Great Gatsby got a ton of flak before it was even released, mainly due to the Jay-Z produced soundtrack. Now personally, I think Hova is the MAN, so I’ve been loving the soundtrack for awhile, and yesterday I finally got to see how it all fit in the big picture of the movie. Personally, I think people are up in arms over not much. You’d think Hova was playing Nick Carraway and narrating, rather than the snippets of music heard in parties, and one two second scene of some Harlem jazz cats being driven by a white chauffeur. I thought it absolutely worked.

“The hip-hop soundtrack, too, stemmed from Luhrmann’s understanding of Fitzgerald as an unflinching modernist. “He took African-American street music, jazz, and he put it front and center in the novel,” Luhrmann said. “He did that because he wanted the book to feel immediate and dangerous.” But the jazz of the 1920s has long since matured into something “classical and quaint,” so Luhrmann turned to a newer form: hip hop.”- HuffPo

The only time the music took me out of the movie was when “Crazy In Love” came on, and that’s only because I’m sick of Beyonce, so it has no sway on my opinion since I’m biased there. This soundtrack flowed much better than that “Roxanne” tango in Moulin Rouge, at least Daisy didnt start singing the Lana Del Ray song! I’ve noticed now that most of the people complaining about the music haven’t seen the movie, and that’s a scary, quick judging way to live. Don’t miss this movie because you don’t think hip hop should be played, you are missing what I believe is Leo DiCaprio’s best performance in years (he’s always good, but Gatsby is just THE role for him). Most if it is just hip hop beats with sultry vocals, and there is only really one rap in it, Jay-Z in “$100 Bill”. You are doing yourself a disservice if you skip this because of that ten seconds.

Besides, the theater was mainly younger people, they would not be coming in droves to see this movie were it not for the soundtrack (Leo is a little too old and jowly for teen crushes). I will never complain about more people potentially reading a book. Can’t wait for that Death Metal Anna Karenina adaptation!!

soundtrack sampler

whole soundtrack

Page McConnell tonight with the Meter Men plus Phish Chicago Stage!!


Page McConnell, master of the keys for Phish, is playing tonight at the Ogden in Denver with the freaking Meter Men. He played here last night too, heard it was hot. This concert might set off my Phish obsession too early, but I’ll try to remember there are other bands out there since this is not a Phish blog. Some people air guitar, I air keyboard, arms are going to be exhausted. Come find me on the right side balcony.

Below is the stage on Northerly Island for the 3 day Chicago Phish run. The lawn is sloped, so it won’t be bad at all. I’ll be in these here stands,looking at Soldier Field and the skyline with Kuroda exploding over it. This is going to be a really good summer.

20130511-163115.jpg photo by Jim Lezatte