Threadless and Flaming Lips Contest Winner T-Shirts Now For Sale


Popular online t-shirt store Threadless and Flaming Lips had a user-submission contest to design t-shirts for the new album “The Terror”. Drumroll please……. they are for sale now, and they are awesome. Buy them fast, Threadless sells out quickly: new Flaming Lips T-Shirts

Concert Uniform #3 – Midlevel Dance Party- Arena Wear

20130402-110650.jpg photo by Russ Simon

Want to find me at a concert when I’m not working? I will be in some form of this outfit, maybe even this exact outfit itself! Concert clothes get grossed up,and I see no point in spending lots of money on concert clothes. This skirt is from Wet Seal, and most likely was no more than 7 bucks. It’s scratchy, it’s cheap, it’s stretchy, it’s perfect. Found out the hard way that you need to wear tights under it, but that’s ok because not only do they save you from thousands of tiny scratches, they keep the skirt in place! I always feel bad watching younger chicks pulling and pulling their little cotton miniskirt ever since they came back in style. Take a walk around the block, always test your stuff out before embarking on five hour dancing excursions! And size up, if it keeps pulling up, it’s too small. No shame in wearing the size that fits and looks good.

The shirt is a really thin linen one from The Gap, and I could kick myself for not buying every color. You get the look of the mismatched plaid without the heat of a flannel. Amazing. It’s not on sale but The Gap, bring this Slim Boyfriend Shirt back. You had it in red/white and blue/orange, too.

I lean towards ankle boots lately just because I’m a little moto and cowboy booted out, and spring is coming! These are awesome and I actually have them in three colors. The leather is soft like a slipper, be careful when taking them off at the end of the night (don’t grab by the heel),

Vince Camuto Marcin Bootie (on sale)

This outfit is so clutch that sometimes, it can even be used as workwear as long as I bring my camera bag (only one pocket with this outfit, must have showpurse ). I love my camera bag from Cheeky Lime, durable, simple, and people know there is camera stuff in there so it parts the sea like Moses.

Classic Red Camera Bag from Cheeky Lime

20130402-112448.jpg photo by Russ Simon

Festival and Concert Hair- for the Ladies

Fellas, this one is not for you, put a baseball cap on, grow some dreads, rock a bowl cut, no one is looking at you. Ladies, concerts are your time to look like a cute little fairy rockstar, and I have a couple cute suggestions that work for me. Many of you can put your hair in a ponytail and go. Something about the way I dance causes that ponytail to turn into a tangled rat tail, so I often go for pigtails since they lay lower and don’t tangle or smack people behind you in the face.

For the past few years, feather hair clips were a hot item. Now it’s all about the permanent streak of funky color. Here’s Selena Gomez rocking blue:


Blue, purple or teal is great for brunettes, while blondes have been going for more pinks and corals. Blondes-a warning: pink dye loves blonde hair. The other colors tend to fade, but not pink, so make sure you really like the look before you get it done. Below is my hair. That’s about a year and a half of layering various colors so my hair wouldn’t fall out just because I wanted to look like a My Little Pony:

20130325-082701.jpg photo by Russ Simon

If physically destroying your hair for the sake of looking funky isn’t your thing, then you are in luck. Braids are HUGE and Pinterest has more tutorials than you can shake a stick at: Braid Hairstyles from Pinterest

Lastly, we have the flower headband which is big this year. In past years girls wore headbands around their foreheads, and I can’t stand them because they always make your hair do this:


It makes the hair by your part all puff up weird and your head looks like a lightbulb. Seen this WAY too much. Instead, go for this. Much prettier look, doesn’t leave a line across your forehead, and who doesn’t like letting their inner flower child out when dancing at Red Rocks (or your local venue):

20130325-083653.jpg photo by peacelovevintageshop

Or if you are a next-level concert-goer, go big:


Heck, combine em together and suddenly you are Drew Barrymore during her really good style years! Happy dancing, ladies!


Concert Uniform #1: Photographer Edition

20130322-175606.jpg photo by Russ Simon

Just like any other job, being a concert goer and/or concert photographer requires a uniform. Luckily, the code is blue collar rock casual, so you get to look all cute and don’t have to wear stupid 3/4 sleeve button up dress shirts from Express (business casual, you are the worst). When shooting shows, I almost always wear a variation of the above outfit:

Black Shirt – because when you are in the photo pit, you are in front of EVERYONE and they didn’t pay to see you. Blend in, dress like the theatre techies from high school. Wow. I take fashion cues from Techies. Anyway, bonus point if it’s a black band tee. The older dudes love shirts from past jobs that say CREW, knock yourself out.

Denim CutoffsPOCKETS oh pockets, how I love thee. Necessary for your camera lens, ID, and some cash because I don’t bring a showpurse when I have my camera bag. Fifth pocket for little important things. Also, I find myself climbing on stages, crawling over rows of seats, things that skirts just can’t handle.

Black Tights – I live in Colorado. And love Edie Sedgwick

Denim or Flannel Shirt – more pockets! Plus, it’s colder by the time shows let out, and I don’t want to be burdened with a coat if there is no coat check. And I’m a sucker for grunge fashion.

Hair Ties – discussed in showpurse article linked above

Boots or Other Sturdy Closed Toe Shoes – the blatant disregard for feet care at concerts is appalling. Unless you are at a big outdoor with a lawn or a small polite show, wear some closed toe shoes, ladies! You get stepped on, drinks are spilled, floors are disgusting, and at the end of the night, many of you complain about your feet hurting. Boots, sneakers, heck a pair of flats! Wear comfy shoes good for dancing and standing. If you wear heels and don’t complain though, you rock it girl, respect.

Wear a combination of this and you will be comfy and protected even in the most thrashing of metal shows.

Showpurses- Picking the Perfect Bag for Concerts and Festivals

I get high anxiety before leaving for a show, fearful that I will forgot something I really need, which can cause overpacking and unnecessary weight. Since concerts and music festivals are often noisy endurance contests, you want to go as light as possible, so I’ve streamlined and created a guide of the basic essentials for showpurses. If you are a nice female, you will find yourself carrying sunglass cases and keys and wallets of the men in your life, so picking out the perfect concert purse is very important. I’ve compiled a few types of bags and their pro’s and con’s, and included a Must Have Item List. Most of this was figured out by touring the country with Phish last year, when suddenly a good showpurse became as necessary as shoes. All advice works on the regular ole sized concert experience, though.

showpurse, concert purse, live music, fashion

Awesome backpack, right? Can hold soooo much. Can turn into a thirty pound bag real quick. Also, everyone behind you at shows hates you, you are taking up space and a half. Use if carrying camera equipment or laptops, otherwise, just use it for regular backpack stuff, school or carryon bag. Lots of 13-25 year old women will say “Ooh I like your bag!” Buy it here: Deena & Ozzy Mermaid Backpack

showpurse, live music, fashion, concert purse

I never wear these, they make the back of your skirt or shirt get weird if you dance. Good for walking around when not at the show. Some people can make these work, I just fidget with my outfit, though.

showpurse, concert purse, fashion, live music, festival

Great bag for festivals or big concerts where beer will be spilled. It’s an army bag with shoulder strap (all showpurses must have a shoulder strap) so you can toss it on that dirty floor and who cares. Room for up to three sunglass cases (important when doors open at 5:30 but show goes until midnight), two separate outside pockets that can hold a water bottle or even a 20 oz. Coke. The pins were all given to me by randos, but the “I’m Killing It” pin glows in the dark. Way important when your purse is on the ground in front of you, you glance down and see it glowing bright, peace of mind. painted by Denver artist Dustin McNa

showpurse, concert purse, live music, fashion, festival

San Diego Zoo Safari sells these. Water bottle part, shoulder strap, sturdy material that can get beer on it, they know what they are doing. And for $18.95 and it came with water, suntan lotion AND a huge bag of their own trail mix. A deal at that place was more rare than the cheetah. Grab one if you visit.

Important Things that HAVE to be in my Showpurse

water bottle cap – they take them from you at many venues so you can’t throw a full bottle at the band you came to see. Spoilsports. Also, a full water bottle can make someone step on it and slip and win a lawsuit. I always bring a Pepsi one, a Coca-cola one, and one from whatever the local water bottle is. Every vendor is going to be selling one of these, so grab the local water bottle at a gas station near the venue, drink water, save cap. Having your hands free is a top priority, and if I don’t have a top I drink it fast then have to go to the bathroom at the beginning of the show. Who wants that? Bring your cap.

three hair ties – two in case ponytail isn’t cutting it and you have to move to pigtails, one for the girl or guy with longhair who keeps messing with their hair and obviously forgot their hairtie. They will deem you a saint. I’ve also given them to throwing up girls in the bathroom, they are grateful, too.

toothpicks – you’d be amazed

Burt’s Bees Wipes – I carry the smaller packages in my bag and keep a big package in the car. Great for making you feel just a little refreshed after a scorching, disgustingly sweaty summer show. As always, share with others, these things are cheap and a godsend. Buy them here: hippie shower wipes

Earplugs – I wear them before the music, the audience is actually louder than the band usually. They are cheap as anything when bought in bulk on Amazon. Give them to the older dudes that don’t realize how loud some sound systems are now, and parents of children who forgot to bring Baby Banz earmuffs

Now go have fun, and stay hydrated.

New music accessory: Tweedz Earbuds


20130318-214509.jpg photo by Russell Simon

An old high school friend Reed Wotiz created these awesome earbuds that look like braided guitar cables called Tweedz. They come with a few different rubber parts depending on what size you need (a big plus for me because regular iBuds always fall out of my weird small ears). I got a pair for the mass amount of walking I would be doing in Austin for SXSW this year, and they couldn’t have been better for blasting The Kinks and Foxygen. They don’t tangle up, so i just toss them in my pocket or purse and they look way cuter than those dingy white iPod ones. They sound great for such a affordable price, and can be purchased at the Tweedz website in a variety of colors:

Tweedz Website

Shirt: Hollister
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstars
Shoes: Jordan 3 Retro 88’s