Christian Dior Retrospective at Denver Art Museum

Dior: From Paris to the World exhibit opens at Denver Art Museum. Room after room of architecturally breathtaking shapes and decadent details set up like a couture house with a real deal Marchesa Casati portrait, this exhibit has so many dresses it will require a second viewing. The Audrey Hepburn dress is the smallest designer garment I’ve ever seen, and the Jennifer Lawrence Oscar dress is so big I can understand her falling down the stairs. While the 1950s New Look dresses were the showstoppers, John Galliano’s whimsical over the top versions were close behind. Buy your tickets in advance.
Christian Dior at Denver Art Museum

Marilyn Monroe Christian Dior dress at Denver Art Museum

Marchesa Casati Christian Dior Denver Art Museum

Marchesa Casati Christian Dior Denver Art Museum

Nicole Kidman Christian Dior Oscars dress

Nicole Kidman Christian Dior Oscars dress

Getting thrown a Curveball – When a Phish Festival Cancels While You Are Already There

Before we even got to New York there were signs that things were not right- texts from the airline saying our flight had been delayed and we wouldn’t make our connecting flight. Getting on standby for a different flight only to be told “never mind! Your original plane is on time now!” Having the computers go down at the rental car place and hearing the young worker say “I quit”. Snagging my Phish necklace and breaking the chain off my neck. Mercury being in retrograde…

Once inside the Curveball campgrounds things started looking up. Easy security, great campsite that was almost under these two trees (if we had been just one car later in line!) and hot sunny weather that laughed in the face of that week’s torrential downpours and flooding.  After putting the tents up we grabbed our schmancy new Phish Nalgene bottles from Glen Close concierge and excitedly went off looking for water to fill them with as we walked on to soundcheck.

This is where things got fishy. They had some blue spigots you could get water from but we continued on to the gates expecting to get some from the filling stations inside. 3:00pm gates closed and gate staff boredly says “come back in an hour”. 4:00pm gates closed but now we are told “The Bunny will tell you”. There were ominous words in retrospect. Walking back one of the big speakers was being lowered down from the stage, and suddenly it made sense as to why they hadn’t started soundcheck yet- there’s a sound issue!

Back to the campsites to settle in and listen to The Bunny for instructions, I decided it was a good time to jump in that nice ice cold shower. It wasn’t. Just as I am finishing my shower I hear the first scream; didn’t even bat an eye until the second guy screamed. As I rushed into my clothes and out of the shower a woman that worked there gave me a sweet smile and taped a sign up “DO NOT DRINK. NO POTABLE WATER”.

Outside the campground was still. People just standing there in shock, hand over mouth, faces concerned. Did a band member die?? Back at my tent I grabbed my phone and saw a ton of texts, the first from my husband asking me “Why does say Curveball is canceled?” Now I’m standing in shock, hand over mouth, eyes welling up and then I heard The Bunny.

“We are so terribly sorry…” rang out as people gathered to radios like moths to a flame. Instantly shock and yet acceptance hit. We all had been watching the local weather all week, and the video of the overflowing waterfall was really concerning. We expected potentially rough times. We expected mud. Never cancellation, yet here we were watching the stage and Ferris wheel coming down.

Fortunately the campground made proverbial lemonade, commiserating, contemplating, what nexting and dancing in a ditch in the shadow of a bunch of horse cops. No we didn’t get to hear primordial ooze come out of that big silver ball or see if they were going to play Talking Heads’ “The Great Curve”, but the people there received a valuable life lesson refresher that being together  with respect and kindness is a majority of that collective love high you get from a Phish show. :::enter obligatory “So keep what’s important and know who’s your friend” lyric:::

All Hail Striped Yoga Leggings

Outdoor Voices Striped Yoga Leggings

Outdoor Voices Striped Yoga Leggings

In one fell swoop, Outdoor Voices turned the yoga leggings world on its head; suddenly sleek black and mesh looked so last year and the future was bright for stripes and colorblocking. It seems like every athleisure brand has a striped variation in its repertoire, so buck that old wive’s tale that stripes make you look wide and get in line with some of these striped yoga leggings. Shop leggings and more at Poshmark

K-Deer Striped Yoga Leggings

K-Deer Striped Yoga Leggings


Lululemon Wunder Under Striped Yoga Pant

Sundry striped yoga leggings

Sundry striped yoga leggings

Athleta Chaturanga Striped Yoga Leggings

Athleta Chaturanga Striped Yoga Leggings

Rainbow Dresses Everywhere!

Rainbow dress from Mochi

Front Pocket Rainbow Dress by All Things Mochi

It’s a great time to be a rainbow lover. As the mid-late 70’s trends combine with ever louder Gay Pride and support we are getting rainbows from every direction. Some of the brands to jump on the Rainbow Road are Reformation, Madewell, Mara Hoffman, J. Crew and of course the luxe rainbows at Gucci. The All Things Mochi dress up top is already being copied and sold as the real thing on Facebook- buyer beware! Below are some of my favorite dresses of the moment.

Alice & Olivia Rainbow Wrap Dress

Alice & Olivia Rainbow Wrap Dress

Mara Hoffman One Shoulder Rainbow Dress

Mara Hoffman One Shoulder Rainbow Dress

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Summer 2018 – Festival Fashion Goes Fresh Prince

Summer is here, that time of year when people throw fifty layers of various ragged  fabrics and shiny accessories on like they’re Steven Tyler and hit the festivals. Now before, this style was called “festival fashion” it was “boho” in the mid 2000’s, and we looked to Mary Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller for guidance.  With the rise of the Kardashian and booty booty booty everywhere, the denim cut off shorts have gone ever and ever higher until they are nothing but a denim belt. The only direction to go is baggier and goofier.

As the fashion cycle starts moving past the 70’s and 90’s resurgence and into the 80’s and 2000s, festival goers are one step ahead and rocking looks like they are extras on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Neon, goofy colorful hats, wacky “Dad” shirts, Reeboks and “Dad” shoes for that matter. Below is some inspiration for you to bring out that inner Nickelodeon kid inside of you.


This Summer 2018 festival fashion goes Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This Summer 2018 festival fashion goes Fresh Prince of Bel-Air



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photo credit- Adam Katz

Dressing like the Rajneesh – Layering reds together

Cults are a particular obsession of mine and I have been absolutely devouring the Netflix special Wild, Wild Country. Instantly your eye is drawn to their outfits of various shades of red, burgundy, orange and pink layered together like a lipstick case exploded on a North Face store. Now much has been said of pink/red and all red combos of late, but my favorite combo is maroon and red together- the clash is jarring and yet harmonious. Here are some of my favorite recent looks that harnessed this trend and shop some maroon at my Poshmark closet here: @leslieloudspeak Poshmark closet

Vintage Clothing Trends and Microtrends

Vintage Clothing Trends and Microtrends

One of my favorite parts of selling online is analyzing what goes where, spotting little regional microtrends and the general shift of a trend from the coasts inward. Here are some of the observations I have made recently in regards to vintage clothing trends:

Vintage Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans– Los Angeles

Vintage Wrangler Jeans

photo credit: Urban Outfitters

-North Hollywood if we want to get extra specific. You’ve got the whole Laurel Canyon Revival going on, and the Silverlake Shaman mystical sack dress look, so it would make sense that sandwiched in the middle you’d find dusty authentic American western 70’s jeans, but ones with thighs so tight that only the ultra-slim ladies of Los Angeles can wear them. As with all jeans right now, chop them at the calf for a cute kick crop look.Them and the young Texas men.

Vintage Levi’s 512 and 550 Jeans (“Mom Jeans”)– Southern CA, Austin, Brooklyn, Nashville

Vintage Levi's Mom Jeans

photo credit: Avelina’s Vintage

-so both coasts and Central Texas agree on high waisted 100% cotton (NO STRETCH) tapered leg jeans a.k.a Mom Jeans. The younger women wear them with skimpy tops from Brandy Melville, the older women tend to tuck in vintage blouses or faux-vintage T-shirts.

Vintage Western Snap Button Shirts– Chicago

Vintage Embroidered Western Snap Button Shirts are popular in Chicago

-Now the more plain Wrangler snap buttons get bought up by men and women alike in CA, TX and WY (there are some seriously well dressed young western style men in Wyoming that know their vintage!) but the fancier, brighter, embroidered shirts that look like they’d be on stage at the Grand Ole Opry have been getting scooped up by fashionable women in Chicago for months now. It came as no surprise recently when the runways of Saint Laurent, Givenchy and Coach AND Justin Timberlake in Stella McCartney at the Super Bowl were all Western- influenced. Chicago knew.

Vintage Men’s Levi’s 501 Jeans– New York City

Vintage Levi's 501 Jeans are popular in New York City

photo credit: Racked

-Preferably button fly, the women are stealing the men’s jeans in New York City and looking fabulous. Semi-high waisted but a much more classic look than the 550 and 512, they look best with their long straight legs cuffed wide on the bottom for a Rosie the Riveter effect. Distressed ones go for more than new, light stonewash is the shade.

Vintage 70’s dresses– Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Washington

Vintage 70s Dress at Rabbit Hole-No surprise here that Brooklyn and Los Angeles dominate my vintage sales, particularly 60’s through 80’s and if it has a Union label it’s straight to Brooklyn before others even get a shot at it. Sheer poly blends, micro pleats, faux wrap tops, little matching tie belts- get all those into one dress and you’ve got a great piece that goes from work to rock concert.

Vintage 90’s dresses– Everywhere- even Alaska

-keywords here are rayon, babydoll, dropped waist, dark floral and sleeveless. Take it up a notch with a “teacher dress” complete with lace collar. Winona Ryder’s character in Reality Bites is the main inspiration (heck AND Janeane). Fantastic dresses for those super hot months, and the dark florals keep any sweat stains hidden. You can keep the 90’s vibe with some stompy boots, go boho with tan western ankle boots, or pretty with strappy sandals.

Have you seen any of these trends in your city/town?