My interview with Mike Gordon


If someone had told me last summer when I was chasing Phish around the country that in six months I’d be interviewing Mike Gordon himself, I never would have believed them. Yet, there I was this past Monday morning singing a guitar part of “Yarmouth Road” to Cactus himself, and in return he sang me some Los Lonely Boys “Heaven”. Read my interview here, it was the fastest twenty minutes of my life:

His new album Overstep came out today, check it out, it’s a ton of fun and has really great production values. Listen to the new “Yarmouth Road” below:

JJ Grey and Mofro at the Fillmore Photos + Westword review


Last Friday at the Fillmore Denver, JJ Grey and Mofro headlined a big lineup that included Keller Williams and Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers. With his white pants and light blonde hair, I really had to take the white down, he looked like an angel in some pics. I’d never seen someone working the spotlight there before, so I got a shot of him, as well as those majestic chandeliers. Read my Westword review of the show here:










Mystic Braves new single “Born Without a Heart” sounds hot and frenzied.


When seminal 60’s psych band The Zombies personally wants you to open for their Los Angeles show, you are definitely doing something right. This L.A. five piece are in the more positive and bubbly bright psych vein, and formerly went under the name Blackfeet Braves. They sound like the turbulent excitement of a work free hot summer, with blasts of organ and killer cymbal taps keeping the energy going with bumps and turns like you are crashing in the waves. Frontman Julian Ducatenzeiler has a nasally rock and roll voice that sounds great in echoey lo-fi, sounding like what would happen if Bob Dylan got on the bus with the Merry Pranksters. Listen to their new single over at Filter, the album Desert Island comes out April 29th, and check them out at SXSW this year:

For comparison, here is them performing the song live as Blackfeet Braves. I prefer the more reckless approach they have going in the newer version, it sounds more dangerous:

Got just under two minutes?


Listen to Dances new single “Rat” today off their debut EP coming out this spring on Black Bell Records. One minute and 41 seconds of reckless, jangly, melodic fury. In their press release it says they are influenced by 60’s psych and 90’s alternative, I didn’t have to read further. Sold. The NY trio will be playing the Sailor Jerry party at SXSW on 3.13, won’t be missing that one.

Keller Williams at the Fillmore- PHOTOS


In 1999 at Liberty Lunch in Austin, I saw Keller Williams open for String Cheese Incident, and he totally stole the show for me. I had never seen someone looping live, and stood right in front of him mesmerized, watching his every move. Somehow, I never caught another show of his, and had heard through the years that he was of the dirty hippie variety. I have no problems with dirty hippies, and was excited to see him again opening for JJ Grey and Mofro. When he came out in a slick grey suit with two gorgeous back up singers, my jaw dropped in complete surprise. Elegant, poetic, and extremely expressive, Keller was the highlight of my night, and I’ll definitely see him any time he comes around. More in depth review being published tomorrow at Westword.










Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers at the Fillmore – PHOTOS


Last night at the Fillmore I got a chance to shoot a big show with lots of lights; such a treat when you aren’t fighting for every little bit of light in the hopes of one clear shot. Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers opened, bringing that Grateful Dead country funk sound together with her clear as a bell powerhouse vocals; it was my first time seeing them and I thought they were incredible, authentic and fun. More in-depth review Monday at Westword.







One of my favorite things about concert photography…


Usually at shows I get to be in the photo pit for the first three songs, then have to move back and shoot elsewhere. However, when shooting small shows with lax rules, I’ve learned a trick. About five songs in, when I guess the guitar solo is coming, I’ll quickly go to the front, and without fail the musicians suddenly amp it up, going from the photo above, to this:



I love it.


Ft. Collin’s Aspen Hourglass played The 1Up Colfax last night, and I loved that the drums were not only on the side, but they had a spotlight on him! I always try to get great shots of everyone, and usually the drummer gets the dark, fuzzy end of the stick. Not last night, you can even see him smile.