Ben Lee writes a fantastic album on Ayahuasca


I remember the first time I ever heard of Ben Lee. It was a blurb in Sassy magazine about how the Beastie Boys signed his young teenage self to Grand Royal. I wore his tapes out in high school, then moved on to different music and forgot about him save for dating Claire Danes and impregnating Ione Skye (wonder if Ad-Rock is ok to his cheese being with different macaroni). Anyway, I got an email about his new album “Ayahuasca: Welcome to the Work” and was immediately intrigued. Ever since the Psychedelic Convention was held in our Oakland hotel and eavesdropping on so many people discussing this spiritual experience, I’ve researched about it a lot. His album is gorgeous, not only inspired from the drug, but with themes revolved around awakening and self healing (I know, I sound disgustingly new age). This doesn’t even sound like Ben Lee’s previous work, it’s like a symphony with occasional Elliott Smith leanings. Watch the trailer for the album, he’s incredibly smart: Ayahuasca Trailer

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