Princess Music – Band to Watch

20130502-104240.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

When I shot the Akron/Family a few weeks ago, I was totally impressed with their opener, Princess Music. All classically trained musicians working in a more pop style just DOES it for me, and at the show people were buzzing about this “kinda Talking Heads sounding” band. You know things are gonna be good when a cello comes out. Tyler Ludwick, the guitarist and singer has been compared to Sufjan Stevens many times in the media, I can hear it but feel Ludwick has a more upbeat quirkiness. This band is special, sweet and whimsical but sincere and down to Earth. Denver, this is a local band to watch, for sure. Check out their song “White Wave”, which starts with the best instrument of all, the music box, then builds with the bass and strings and oh, just so lovely. Then that sweet voice. I’m in love with Princess Music.

White Wave by Princess Music

Band Website with Videos

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New Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu is Funky!


First time I had ever even heard of Janelle Monae was when she opened for MGMT at Red Rocks. I stood there floored watching this beautiful tiny James Brown-esque woman dance and strut and sing her heart out, and I’ve been crazy about her ever since. She just changed record labels, teamed up with Erykah Badu for her new single off her sophomore album, and it’s a tasty funky treat. On sale at iTunes at midnight, her record label just released it on soundcloud:

click here, shake booty