Concert Uniform #1: Photographer Edition

20130322-175606.jpg photo by Russ Simon

Just like any other job, being a concert goer and/or concert photographer requires a uniform. Luckily, the code is blue collar rock casual, so you get to look all cute and don’t have to wear stupid 3/4 sleeve button up dress shirts from Express (business casual, you are the worst). When shooting shows, I almost always wear a variation of the above outfit:

Black Shirt – because when you are in the photo pit, you are in front of EVERYONE and they didn’t pay to see you. Blend in, dress like the theatre techies from high school. Wow. I take fashion cues from Techies. Anyway, bonus point if it’s a black band tee. The older dudes love shirts from past jobs that say CREW, knock yourself out.

Denim CutoffsPOCKETS oh pockets, how I love thee. Necessary for your camera lens, ID, and some cash because I don’t bring a showpurse when I have my camera bag. Fifth pocket for little important things. Also, I find myself climbing on stages, crawling over rows of seats, things that skirts just can’t handle.

Black Tights – I live in Colorado. And love Edie Sedgwick

Denim or Flannel Shirt – more pockets! Plus, it’s colder by the time shows let out, and I don’t want to be burdened with a coat if there is no coat check. And I’m a sucker for grunge fashion.

Hair Ties – discussed in showpurse article linked above

Boots or Other Sturdy Closed Toe Shoes – the blatant disregard for feet care at concerts is appalling. Unless you are at a big outdoor with a lawn or a small polite show, wear some closed toe shoes, ladies! You get stepped on, drinks are spilled, floors are disgusting, and at the end of the night, many of you complain about your feet hurting. Boots, sneakers, heck a pair of flats! Wear comfy shoes good for dancing and standing. If you wear heels and don’t complain though, you rock it girl, respect.

Wear a combination of this and you will be comfy and protected even in the most thrashing of metal shows.