No Joy – Band to Watch


Montreal’s No Joy has a new album coming out next Tuesday, and wow is it good. We got twelve inches of snow at my house. I think that’s unnecessary on April 17th, and this album made me feel like I was being pulled out of a sleepy cold state into a colorful spring. They pack layer upon layer of fuzz beautifully, all with pretty vocals dreamily floating on top. Man, this snow makes me want ice cream. They are supporting the album release with a North American tour, and they are opening for Metz at Hi Dive in Denver, May 7th. (Hey Houston they are playing at Fitz next week!!) Tour dates and new single in the link below:

new single “Lunar Phobia”

stream the album at Pitchfork

Delicate Steve at Hi-Dive- Review

20130324-091927.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Delicate Steve of Luaka Bop played an exciting and searing show at Hi-Dive in Denver last night. The snowstorm we had all day caused for a lower turnout than I expected, but I love when that happens at that tiny venue. Don’t be fooled by the name, the only delicate thing on stage were this New Jersey guy’s elegant piano fingers shredding that guitar. All songs are instrumental, which I’m all about lately, you really get to focus on all the layers of sound they create. Their style of music is very positive though in comparison to a lot of the drudgy stuff I’ve seen lately, at moments having the entire audience jump up and down, and then being completely silent for two minutes, which I have always wanted to see work, a silent crowd and band. (Oh, for a Divided Sky with silence, shut up everyone!!) The crowd last night made sure that didn’t happen, however, they HAD to hear themselves say such funny things as “WOO” and “OK”. For maybe two seconds it was totally silent, and boy was that crowd exuberantly relieved when they dropped back into the song. They only have a few more dates for this tour, so keep your eyes open for his name. Delicate Steve Tour Dates

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Video for “Ballad of Speck and Pebble”

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