Kinski- new album, new sound

20130405-194352.jpg album cover

Kinski from Seattle with Kill Rock Stars have been making their fuzzed out, wildly psychedelic hard rock music for over a decade. The new album Cosy Moments shows a more pop sound, and I love it, especially considering I never expected another album! All the fuzz and garage and over layering are still there, but melodies are stronger, everything just sounds more blissful and ethereal. Listen to track 3, “Skim Milf”, it’s under two minutes, if you like it then you’ll love the 6-8 minute stuff. For the space rock of old, check out track 9, “We Think She’s A Nurse”. I haven’t seen them live (rare!) and their tour dates seem to stick around the East Coast. Come to Denver! We like music!

stream the album free, then buy it to download

if you need it harder, check out the older stuff (video)

Boats – catchy indie pop, goes great with water activities

20130325-151826.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Boats out of Winnipeg are really getting some buzz. Noisy pop with hooks galore, and great lyrics about unusual themes. The first time I heard “Great Skulls” I just hit repeat repeat repeat. Stream the album for free at Kill Rock Stars.

link to stream and buy full album

Marnie Stern- She’s Killer

20130325-101427.jpg photo by meetyouattheshow

Every female at sxsw wanted to be Marnie Stern from Kill Rock Stars. She has made many “Greatest Female Guitarist” lists due to her confident and technical fretboard tapping style. Heavily layered music with so much jingle-jangle it almost makes my head spin, this is perfect music for exercising or dancing frustrations away. She can scream with the best of them, too, while at the same time coming across like a modern day Juliana Hatfield.

quick video of her shredding technique

link to full audio of the new album and pre-order

Marnie Stern Tour Dates