Angel Olsen is going to be huge with this new album!


Don’t think she is like all those twee, quirky singer-songwriters with weird inflections in their voices that you hear on every single car commercial, Angel Olsen is a true talent. When she played the Hi Dive last April, she captivated the audience, just her and her guitar. While a backing band eventually joined in, it was nothing like the electric glimpses she has been giving us of her album Burn Your Fire For No Witness out February 18th on Jagjaguwar. Combining her soulful, crackly Americana voice with fuzz guitar is a match made in heaven, and today she released her next single off the album, “Hi-Five”. My first instinct on first listen was to tear up when she croons “Are you lonely too?”, she somehow hits you straight in the feelings. This new album is going to make her a major star. Listen here:

New Deerhunter release “Monomania”


Avant garde rockers Deerhunter have already created buzz for this album by appearing on Jimmy Fallon, frontman Bradford Cox dressed as character Connie Lungpin, complete with black wig and bandaged fingers (an homage to his father who accidentally cut off a finger recently and was at the show). The album is fantastic, their chunky sound even stronger with an added third guitarist. This album sounds cleaner than their other more garage sounding releases, but it doesn’t hurt the sound at all. Tracks like “Blue Agent” and “Back to the Middle” are straight up catchy, while “Monomania” and “Leather Jacket II” show off that fuzz, and “The Missing” is just straight up beautiful. Look for the album to be released May 7th.

video for Jimmy Fallon performance and title track

New Black Angels Album Streaming Now

20130326-130532.jpg photo by Black Angels

When I moved back to Austin in 2009, an old college friend introduced me to Christian Bland the very first day. All I knew was that he was a tall, sweet guy who could really rock a striped shirt. 20 something The Black Angels shows later, I am a total fangirl. These guys caused the resurgence of psych rock in Austin and run Austin Psych Fest, now 6 years running. Couldn’t be more proud or more excited about their success and only see them getting bigger. The new album is streaming today, and it’s wonderful as expected. Root for these guys, they work hard and are kind people.

free stream of the new album

link to Austin Psych Fest