Ty Segall side project FUZZ at Hi Dive tonight

Photo by Denee Petracek

Photo by Denee Petracek

San Francisco garage rock wunderkind Ty Segall is at the hi dive tonight with his side project FUZZ. He sings and plays drums with Charlie Moothart taking over on guitar and Roland Cosio on bass. They released their self titled album on October 1st to great reviews, check out the two new singles they have released lately here:

FUZZ “What’s in my Head”: http://pitchperfectpr.com/mp3/FUZZ_WhatsInMyHead.mp3

FUZZ “Loose Sutres”: http://pitchperfectpr.com/mp3/FUZZ_LooseSutres.mp3

Also playing tonight are CCR Headcleaner and The Zebroids, so get in early. Tonight shall be a joyful, noisy celebration. Buy your tickets here:

tickets for tonight

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