New Quilt single sounds like melodic sunshine

Quilt by Allison Pharmakis3

Quilt by Allison Pharmakis3

Quilt‘s self titled debut album in 2011 was one of my most repeated albums of last year (got on the ship a little late), and the new single they just released has me hitting repeat more than once already today. This trio has such a beautifully recorded throwback 60’s sound, but it’s modern and dreamy in just the right way. With member of Woods and producer Jarvis Tavaniere working with them, the new single is quick and gorgeous, Anna Fox Rochinski’s vocals sounding like an angel; not all Mariah Carey squealing on high, just soothing and soaring. Listen to their new song “Artic Shark” here, and check out the new album releasing Jan. 28th, 2014:Quilt “Arctic Shark”

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