Summer 2018 – Festival Fashion Goes Fresh Prince

Summer is here, that time of year when people throw fifty layers of various ragged  fabrics and shiny accessories on like they’re Steven Tyler and hit the festivals. Now before, this style was called “festival fashion” it was “boho” in the mid 2000’s, and we looked to Mary Kate Olsen and Sienna Miller for guidance.  With the rise of the Kardashian and booty booty booty everywhere, the denim cut off shorts have gone ever and ever higher until they are nothing but a denim belt. The only direction to go is baggier and goofier.

As the fashion cycle starts moving past the 70’s and 90’s resurgence and into the 80’s and 2000s, festival goers are one step ahead and rocking looks like they are extras on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Neon, goofy colorful hats, wacky “Dad” shirts, Reeboks and “Dad” shoes for that matter. Below is some inspiration for you to bring out that inner Nickelodeon kid inside of you.


This Summer 2018 festival fashion goes Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This Summer 2018 festival fashion goes Fresh Prince of Bel-Air



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photo credit- Adam Katz


A Summer of Black and No Boho

I’m absolutely sick of festival fashion. Paisley kimonos, fringed swimsuits- I want none of it (floppy hats are forever, though). As the bohemian raggedy layers of polyester look has hit total mass oversaturation, I’ve turned to simple pieces in black and white that you can dance in while maintaining a sense of comfort. Right now at my store we are carrying Stussy for women, who are designing things on the same wavelength as what I’m yearning for. Here are a few of the outfits I’ve worn the past two weeks, taking influence from Korean and Japanese women with bare legs and covered chest. Color palette has been revolving around black, white, mint, marsala and leopard print.