Fork and Spoon Records Release Some Stuff You Should Hear


When looking for new music, I often check out the other bands that are on the same label. I liked the sound of Coma Cinema, so I asked Fork and Spoon Records what else they had. They sent the new split single 7″ by bands Pandercakes and Pussy Wizard. Both bands have a seemingly happy sound but with a darker edge throughout the more you listen, and I’m really excited now to hear the rest of their roster.

Pandercakes starts the single with a layered song that contains male and female vocals (I think I heard some birds singing) all while a drum pattern keeps a steady danceable beat, even during the keys solo. Very interesting, intellectual pop, but with some punk rock attitude, I want to hear more of what they have. Pussy Wizard, aka Jordan Blackmon who plays guitar in Toro Y Moi finishes the single with “Dunno (Translucent Blue)”, a song that has a great lofi fuzz sound, world weary lyrics, and melodies that remind me of Elliott Smith. That name is going to deter some people, but it shouldn’t. The idea came from him flying on a cat.

Listen to it and buy it here: Pandercakes/Pussy Wizard