Concert Uniform #2 : Coffeeshop-type Venues

20130328-180412.jpg photo by Russ Simon

Coffeeshop venues are so easy to dress for. Basically, you can wear what you want, your work clothes, date night clothes, or something like this. Obviously a plaid shirt is always a fall back, but this one is more fitted and buttoned all the way to the top, because the fashion blogs say that’s how we wear them now. almost cholo style, but buttoned to the very bottom. Great for showing off chunky shorter necklaces or a bowtie if you are daring.

I always wear jeans to singer/songwriter type venues. First off, it’s usually a bunch of high tables and stools, so you sit cross legged like a lady ( great time to wear heels, hook it on that lower rung for stability) or you have to sit kind of open legged like a man. I do the latter, so jeans it is.

As for shoes, rock those heels, wear your nice ones, even! These crowds are chill, there isn’t beer spilled everywhere. Only venue I will dare wear a pair of Jordans is of the coffeeshop venue variety, why not? It’s clean! Also, go ahead and bring your nicest purse, you’ve got that high table to flop it on (bonus if they have hooks under the table) and it never leaves your sight!

Doll up, go see some folk and Americana, come home and say “Hey ! My super high heeled boots didn’t hurt tonight!”

John Statz at Walnut Room

20130327-090635.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

John Statz played a hauntingly beautiful set last night at Walnut Room. He has played his distinct style of Americana all around the world with gigs in Budapest, Slovenia, even up in Anchorage and Quebec (this guy must love the cold!) His last album had him traveling around to ghost towns for inspiration, and the latest brings him back to his Wisconsin Heartland roots. Beautiful voice, deliberate playing and fantastic lyrics will make any Americana and folk fans love this guy AND his really great hat.

John Statz Website

20130327-091340.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

20130327-091700.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

20130327-091428.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Jake Bugg – and what were YOU doing at 19?

20130324-131707.jpg photo by Clash Music

Jake Bugg from Mercury Records is the real deal. Comparisons to Dylan abound by critics, he’s got the retro folk sound down. I do not get starstruck ever, but when I saw him at sxsw I couldn’t even go up to him, I was so intimidated. He’s got “it”. English kid raised on Donovan and The Beatles, he picked up the guitar at 12, and now at 19 he’s ready for the big leagues. Fans of singer/songwriters and folk will love him, he’s already big in the UK, he’s about to pop in America. Plus, he’s really cute. Check him out, he’s impressive and genuine and I wish I had his swagger.

Video for “Two Fingers”

Video for “Taste It”

Full audio of his album

20130324-132756.jpg photo from DailyRecord