Listen to the new Edward Sharpe Today!!


Want to have a great day? Listen to the new self-titled Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes album today on NPR! I had the pleasure of hearing them play one of the new songs at their Red Rocks show, “Remember to Remember”, an all Jade torch song and it was an instant classic. I’ve been crazy waiting to hear the rest ever since, and my high expectations are completely met. They make such sweet, sweet music, and this album of salvation continues in that vein. It has a fuzzier tone, almost like it’s an old vinyl playing (although that might be the NPR music player). “Let’s Get High” is as celebratory as it gets, while “This Life” (currently listed on NPR as “Life Is Hard”, I imagine that will get fixed) starts sounding like a Jeff Buckley song, then brings a Motown mixed with tent revival sound that these guys do so well. “They Were Wrong” could sit right next to The Beatles “Octopus’s Garden” on an album, no problem. Listen here today: new Edward Sharpe link

The National “Trouble Will Find Me” New Album Review


I received an advance copy of The National new album Trouble Will Find Me just to have it leak a few hours later to everyone. Gotta move faster! Anyway, my first outing was seeing them at the Fillmore in 2009, having no idea who they were. Place was packed, we were in the balcony, felt a million miles away, and just laid there while their music layered over me. Second outing was when Trey Anastasio played with them, wasn’t too impressed but when are Phish fans ever impressed with side projects.

This album is melancholy and beautiful. “Don’t Swallow the Cap” has a beautiful building melody that crescendos with sadness and keyboards. “Heavenfaced” makes me feel like I just got out of rehab and am hugging my loved ones. “I Need My Girl” is another that reminds me of an old relationship that I was never in. I enjoy the repetition of lyrics that The National incorporates, it hammers the theme in without sounding like a message. This Brooklyn band from 4AD Records seems to be ready for the arena level after this and the success of their last album. The album comes out May 20th, and they have a massive summer tour coming. Jump on board.

Bleeding Rainbow- Band to Watch


Philly based Bleeding Rainbow on Kanine Records are a whole new band. They used to be a noise pop two piece called Reading Rainbow. Now with two more members and a nifty name change, they sound totally different, and they are a powerhouse. With the mix of girlish but strong vocals and layers of fuzz, my perfect band has been created. They are also Dave Grohl approved for what that’s worth. As one person commented on youtube, they sound like they would have been on 120 Minutes, and that was a great great show. Really looking forward to shooting their show at Larimer Lounge on May 8th! The album is already out, watch the video for “Drift Away” here:

video for Drift Away

track off Yeah Right album