More Musical Finds from SXSW

20130322-113925.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Haley Bonar – As I was catching some air conditioning in a friend’s car who works for SXSW (hey Tara at Roadway Productions!) I heard a familiar sound. Rolled down the window and there at the Doritos’ BoldStage was Haley Bonar, singing “Bad Reputation”, which I’ve heard many times on NPR. Playing both guitar and organ while looking damn cute doing it, Haley commanded the stage with her sweet voice and fantastic backing band. She’s recorded with Andrew Bird, and has a side project called Gramma’s Boyfriend, a “no-wave, new wave, punkish kind of thing that sounds like the Twin Peaks High School prom band”. Can’t go wrong with that description! “Bad Reputation” by Haley Bonar

20130322-121335.jpg photo by leslieloudspeaker

Suuns – Montreal boys from Secretly Canadian that had me hook, line and sinker from the first note. It’s fascinating to watch the smiling singer turn it on and just look pure evil when he sings. If you like fuzz, wildness and and danceable psych, these guys are a mustsee. This video is worth waiting through the ad: Video for Suuns “2020”

Parquet Courts – perfect American punk via Brooklyn and TX. See them live, they don’t need much introduction. Just see them. Even if you think you don’t like punk, the crowd falls in love instantly. Video for “Borrowed Time”

Parquet Courts Summer Tour Dates