Vices I Admire Tear Up the Westword Showcase Pre-Party at Gothic

20130622-121149.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

Last night I was invited to the Westword Music Showcase Pre-Party by Vices I Admire, a quirky, rocking local band. They’ve got a genuine punk energy while writing great songs with interesting changes. The lead singer has some really pretty vocals too, try to catch him sound checking.

20130622-121515.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

20130622-121628.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

20130622-121655.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

Listen to their song Sweetest Girl , love the guitar tone. Also, check out this song and read the comments, “the new Slipknot” cracks me up. They are much better than that: Heartbreaker

20130622-122036.jpg photo by leslie loudspeaker

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