Watch Amen Dunes “Lilac in Hand” video


Known for recording songs while improvising on the first take, Damon McMahon took the alternative route for the new Amen Dunes album Love, spending over a year writing material and collaborating with other musicians to produce an album that sounds dreamy and personal, but with a more robust sound than his past recordings. The video for the second single off the album was shot on 16mm film and directed by experimental filmmaker and Godspeed You! Black Emperor collaborator Karl Lemieux in the chilly winter of Montreal (musicians from GY!BE are also on the album. While it’s black and white and dreary, the bright hopefulness of the song is a nice juxtaposition, and the one rhythm groove structure gives the song a trance feel that smoothes the edges of the agitated cinematography. It calms all the voices in your head for a spell. Love comes out May 13th on Sacred Bones.

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