Sawmill Joe – Artist to Watch


Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Sawmill Joe is so attractive he could be on soap operas. I don’t always like musicians to be hot, I feel like I go easier on them, and I hate that. First heard about him because of The Lumineers covering one of his songs, so I never went looking for his stuff. He came up recently when I was going down a Youtube rabbit hole, clicked play, dude in a fishing boat and wind blowing at the mic. I was about to shut it off when he started to sing. Floored. This guy sounds like he survived the Dust Bowl and was roommates with Arlo Guthrie. Watch that fishing boat video here: Sawmill Joe – The Way That I Am”

He’s playing this Saturday at Lost Lake in Denver, bring a date.

Check out the rest of his music free here: Sawmill Joe bandcamp

Watch him be the star of a Coen Brothers film soundtrack.

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